Classes & Workshops


Nice and Easy to Intense

Our belief is that the more we learn our clients the better our coaching will be. While teaching classes specific to our clients needs, we value the time, effort, and bravery it takes to step out of your comfort zone and change you for you. So our Xpressious family will make sure the workouts are not just handwritten but specific to each member personally. Come feel the burn and see results with our personal approach and let’s take this journey together

Group Classes

  • Ab Buster Mondays
  • Arms, Back and Shoulders Tuesdays
  • Glutes and Legs Wednesdays
  • Meditation, Relaxation, and Stretching Thursdays
  • Conditioning and Open Gym Fridays

Our group classes will focus on a specific area of the body everyday as well as ensuring each day is filled with a series of exercises that are different range from beginner to advanced. Come experience holistic, body weight functional exercises that will help you not only move faster and feel stronger but mentally be prepared to go on whatever journey it is you are aspiring. Every day and week we have classes that will be the same depending on the day. Some workout weeks will be the same or depending on level of agility and endurance classes will range from easy to intense.

Personal Training

  • 1 on 1 training specific to your needs
  • Sport Specific training
  • **each come with meal plans to help your journey {optional}

Our personal training will target your own fitness and health goals. We will focus on weight loss, toning, strength training, and or overall health management as far as nutrition and meal prep specific to each member’s needs.

Each member’s fitness level can be extremely and intensely different, but no worries our training program will introduce each member to basic exercises to extreme exercises depending on the individual. Most ranging from producing a weight loss program, and assisting in advanced training goals.

Sports Specific Training

Join our training ranging from professional to children for training for your specific sport you’d like to get better and expertise in your form or technical techniques. Our Sport specific training will focus on fitness and performance training whether it be for competition or elite athletes. The training will be designed specifically for athletic performance enhancement. We will focus on not just conditioning the body but assuring you are prepared mentally each day and each competition to perform to the best of your potential trusting and remembering your training.

Events/Birthday Parties

Children’s Birthday Parties {includes bounce house}

  • 3.5 hours $350 deposit $175
  • 2.5 hours $250 deposit $125
  • 1.5 hours $150 deposit $75


  • 3.5 hours $350 deposit $175
  • 2.5 hours $250 deposit $125
  • 1.5 hours $150 deposit $75

Feel free to book any event from fashion shows to pop shop down to birthday parties and any local business promotion. Our space provides a pizazz of color, and loads of spaces to host any event you need. Enjoy the special pricing for our members on all retail and facility bookings.